Onsite Consultation

The launchpad for collaboration between the client, Architect, and Terris & Company. Collaborative meetings, when conducted early in the estimating process, enable us to provide building solutions and implement techniques that facilitate the Architects design intent while working within the parameters of a stipulated project budget.

Project Estimate

The ‘Class-D’ (rough) estimate is a pre-design estimate and is produced in the early stages of the project. This estimate provides an indication of probable construction costs based on the owners’ requirements to the extent known at the time and is based on similar projects completed. The Class-D estimate is produced using square foot costs, current labour and material costs and integrated with other available historical estimate, trade, and material data. This approach adjusts for critical factors such as quality, size, location, risk, inflation, and projected start and end dates. The Class D estimate also includes contingencies, allowances, and options.

As project information and details become available, the process of estimation goes through several rounds, from the Class D estimate through C and B, culminating in our ‘Class A’ estimate.

The ‘Class-C’ estimate is an estimate of projected construction costs based on updated owner requirements that include all schematic design requirements and a preliminary project schedule.

The ‘Class-B’ estimate is prepared when all design development information and documentation is complete. This includes site and installation investigation, geotechnical information, and the design of all major aspects of the project including current specifications, schedules, and drawings.

The ‘Class-A’ estimate is based on completed construction documents and provides coded line-item cost tracking detail for all labour, material and sub- trades. The estimate incorporates actual and associated costs, including budget allowances, trade and material procurement, and any relevant contingencies.

Detailed Scheduling

Every item in the project is tracked from start to finish. We monitor our material and equipmennt deliveries on a bi-weekly basis and update this information for client review, available at anytime via our online portal. Project scheduling is output in Gantt chart format. This provides critical workflow information highlighting significant milestones over the duration of the project. Our scheduling process combined with the online portal also provides our clients access to review financial aspects of the project along with trade involvement and ongoing site progress in real-time at any time.



A dedicated site manager works alongside our sub-trades on a daily basis, integrating production onsite across thirty-three construction divisions.

Site walk-throughs with the client and architect happen at every major milestone from foundation to finishing. Often times, these walk-throughs can present an opportunity to review design details in relation to the budget.

Design and Details Assistance

Working alongside the Architect, building solutions are created to meet time and budget constraints. We commonly employ 1:1 architectural mock-ups onsite for consideration and review.

City Inspections

All permit related inspections from the moment we break ground to final inspection are handled, compiled, and completed by Terris & Company. This includes liaising and coordinating reviews, flagging potential issues and feeding back to the team.


Invoices are issued bi-weekly and include all materials, labour, and sub-trade costs. Each billing cycle includes an updated variance report, highlighting which aspects of the project have been completed with respect to the ‘Class-A’ estimate used as a baseline.


Your Home

Before final inspection, punch-lists are created as part of project closeout. Each task is taken care of in a prompt and efficient manner. At the end of the project, we present a service and maintenance manual that becomes a guide to the inner workings of your home, inside and out. This manual is designed to afford a level of agency, comfort and reassurance in knowing that the systems and components throughout the home are being serviced at the right interval, and by the right people.

Guaranteed Workmanship

We stand behind the work we do and service our clients above and beyond standard recommendation and protocol afforded by home warranty providers.

At a minimum, home warranty insurance coverage includes:

  • Two years on labour and materials (some limits apply)
  • Five years on the building envelope, including water penetration
  • Ten years on the structure of the home